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This came out of nowhere earlier today, but I love it for some reason. :D;; There might be a part two. Maybe. Possibly. If I'm motivated.

Title :: Intrinsic Disaster
Fandom, Pairing :: Pokemon, Riley/Roark
Rating :: PG?
Wordcount :: ~906
Notes :: I banged this out in like fourtyfive minutes so it's probably all full of stuff that's wrong. D8

It was the worst news Riley could ever expect to hear. As soon as the sentence on the radio began, he knew exactly how it was going to end. His chest tightened as he reached for his jacket and fled out the door.

"Breaking News : There has been an unprecedented collapse in Oreburgh Mine."

Riley landed in front of the Pokemon Center surrounded by a cloud of dust from the dry ground. He bolted due south, past the fences and residential buildings. He expected his mind to be racing as fast as his heart, but he really had only one thought. He needed to get to the mine's entrance. He needed to find Roark.

Predictably, there was already an immense crowd of curious spectators surrounding the area in question. Police officers and mine workers were trying to push the parameter back, hoping to give investigators the most room possible around the opening of the mine. Riley gritted his teeth and pushed his way to the front line. His eyes scanned the area frantically. Countless Onixes and Makuhitas were helping to crush and move the pieces of rock that had fallen inside. The blockage wasn't within his sight, so there was no telling how long it would take to get those who were inside to safety. Riley turned to one of the mine officials. The man recognized him right away, no doubt because Riley often ventured down to that area in search of a certain redhead. He frowned apologetically, and Riley felt a chill come over his body. Roark was definitely still in there.

He turned sideways and shoved through the people still blocking his way. He broke through despite the police shouting and pleading him to stay back for his well being. The official who recognized him minutes ago was assuring the officers that he was allowing Riley to go in, and that he'd deal with the situation himself once things calmed down. A brief sigh escaped his lips, and Riley mentally noted to thank the man later.

Lucario was set loose from his PokeBall, and one devastated look from his master clued him in to what was happening. He trotted along at Riley's side, following the trail of other people and Pokemon trying to clear the area of the disaster. Some workers were already helping others out of the dusty mess. Some were critically injured and hardly able to walk, some had mere scratches and a shaken disposition, but Riley still saw no sign of Roark. His Roark.

He made his way down more and more stairs and around countless corners. There were enormous holes in the wall with the stones that had once filled their places right below, cracked and chipped. Riley felt his face pale as he wondered how awful it would be to be crushed by such a mass. In his haste (and distraction), he nearly tripped on an upturned gem, which sent it flying. The trainer would have gone flying as well, if his Lucario was not there to catch his sleeve and settle him on his feet. He nodded his thanks as he watched the green gem skid across the ground and bounce into a dark corner. He wouldn't have paid it much mind after that, were it not for a soft whimpering sound that came from said corner after the mineral disappeared. Lucario perked up his ears and dashed to the area. Riley followed closely, eagerly seeking and dreading what he might find there simultaneously.

"Lucario? Is that you?" He heard, causing his heart to leap hopefully. He finally got close enough and let his eyes adjust to the flickering light when he heard, "Riley?!"

"Roark!" Riley exhaled with relief to find his companion alive. The redhead wasn't exactly in good condition, as there were massive lacerations and more than enough contusions covering the visible skin. Roark's shirt was dampened with sweat and blood. Riley kneeled next to him. "How long have you been down here?"

"I honestly have no idea." Roark replied, shifting his position with a pained expression. Riley hurt just as much emotionally; Roark's eyes and voice were missing their usual spark. "I'm so glad to see you - how did you manage to get down here?"

"Don't worry about that." Riley leaned forward and gently pulled Roark into a hug. The miner leaned into the other man's chest with a comforted sound. "I needed to make sure you're safe."

"I... I don't think I can walk, Riley." Roark's voice cracked, and he tightened his grip on Riley. "And I'm probably bleeding all over your coat..."

"Shh." Riley husked, kissing him. Roark whimpered again. "I'll get you out of here, I promise." Weakly, the redhead offered him a smile. Riley put Roark's arms around his neck and braced his back against Roark's chest. With a grunt of determination, Riley stood, carrying his companion. Lucario called out supportively, holding a paw against Roark's leg reassuringly. Riley turned to begin making his way out of the heated mine when he noticed just how wide the puddle of blood on the ground was. He swallowed, forcing himself to think of the prospect of getting Roark to a hospital and getting him healed.

The weight on his back suddenly intensified and Riley did everything in his power to keep his knees from buckling. The redhead had obviously lost consciousness, and the man carrying him picked up the pace considerably.
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