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Title :: Saving It For A Rainy Day
Pairing :: Lias/Azazer/Mackwell; implied threesome
Wordcount :: 103
Rating :: Well, there's nothing particularly explicit about the wording, but if it were a movie I bet it'd be R and then some.
Notes :: ... 8]

It was a chilly, drizzly afternoon, and somehow, all three of them had been mulling over the same curious thoughts.

It didn’t matter whose room they used - so long as the covers were warm and the door was locked tight. There was some concern raised about falling off the mattress entirely, but worry was soon overwritten with hot, wet kisses.

Viridian, charcoal and platinum locks cascaded haphazardly along the pillows, sheets and triad of tangled bodies.

A thick, husky voice sounded in the midst of the fervor, heatedly proclaiming what all three minds couldn’t argue with:

“We should have tried this sooner.”
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