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Title :: Maybe It’s Not The Moon At All
Pairing :: Roxas/Django
Word count :: 647
Rating :: PG, maybe?
Notes :: Makky’s birthday present!! ♥

It could have been anywhere between eleven PM and four in the morning, but still Roxas found himself outside, strolling along the parameter of the gardens, fingers loosely clinging to another hand. Django had snuck out to retrieve him only minutes earlier, and didn’t plan on going back for quite a while. He purposely bumped his shoulder into his companion’s, then looked up into bright blue eyes with a cheeky smile. Roxas smiled back, accompanying the grin with a nudge back and a kiss on the cheek.

As they made their way around to the presently-covered hot tub, a sudden gust of cool wind coaxed a dark cloud in front of the moon. Most of the light the couple had been using to see was now lost - and they both stopped in their tracks. Django shivered.

“Cold?” Rocas questioned, glancing over at the barely-visible form beside him. Django silently pressed closer, shaking his head. The Nobody led his companion over to a large, smooth rock, where they both sat down. Roxas snaked his hand out of Django’s grip and replaced the arm around the boy’s shoulders. He felt Django relax slightly, but as soon as a second cloud overlapped the first, the second blond nestled as close as he could into Roxas’ body. Roxas held him, slightly perplexed, and stroked his hair.

“Are you sure you’re not cold?”

“Yeah… I’m sure.”

“Then what’s the matter?”

A pause. Roxas could only guess that he was biting his lip indecisively.

“I don’t really… Like the dark, remember?” He spoke finally, barely lifting his face from Roxas’ shirt. The Nobody tapped his fingers on Django’s shoulder, thinking.

“You were the one who led me outside, you know.” He replied playfully.

“I know! I know. But I really wanted the two of us to be alone… And I didn’t want to disturb the rest of the house too much or anything. Plus, I really like how it feels to be outside with you.” He shifted in order to rest his chin on Roxas’s shoulder comfortably. Their skin brushed one another, and Roxas was inadvertently alerted to the fact that a warm blush had appeared on Django’s cheeks. “I just didn’t really take the darkness into account.”

“It’ll come back. It always does.” Roxas nodded at where the moon should have been. He wasn’t entirely sure what else he should say, but he felt Django nod a little bit. “I’m still amazed that you’re not wary of me sometimes. I am essentially darkness.”

“No!” Django tensed up as if Roxas had just bitten him. “You’re not that kind of darkness at all… You never could be. You’re a - a warm kind of darkness.” At this, Roxas couldn’t help but smile, and he turned to the other blond even though he could hardly see. He slid his hands over Django’s shoulders, up his neck and around his face; so he knew where he was going, essentially. He dampened his lips and planted them perfectly on top of Django’s. A delighted sound escaped the smaller boy’s throat, and his hands eagerly explored their way around Roxas’ neck. The two parted after a few moments, only to reclaim each other’s lips a few more times afterward - each kiss in a slightly different place than the last in the dark. Both found themselves smiling in the end, and Django nervously decided to perch himself in the other’s lap. The Nobody hugged him, almost possessively.

Just then, the half-circle moon peered out from under the clouds once again. Silvery light spilled out onto both of them.

“See?” Roxas said. “I told you it would be back.”

“To be honest,” Django smiled. “For a second, I had forgotten about that.”

“Good.” The other nodded, pecking him on the cheek again.

“But really, I think you’re much more comforting that the moonlight in the end.”
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