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the server: revisited!!

sooooooooo. HEY. I've embarked on a personal quest, but never got around to posting any of it (I don't think). I was sifting through some of my favorite Server logs, and even regular topic posts, and decided to fic-ify bits of them. There are only two right now, but I hope to get a few more done in the future~ I certainly have the plans.

Part One: The Wish
Word Count: 84
Focus: Azazer
Rating: G

I. The Wish

Quite a few of the younger shipmates looked up to him. They asked him questions of every sort, constantly seeking his professional opinion or seemingly endless knowledge. One night, by the light of the stars warping slowly past the window, a query of a different sort arose: “If you could have one thing in the entire universe to yourself, what would it be?”

“The only thing I can never have,” Was always Azazer’s answer.

No one questioned what this meant.

The room was silent.

Part Two: The Scandal
Word Count: 850
Focus: Azazer and Glou
Rating: PG13

II. The Scandal

“I’m sorry. This is not the ‘Let’s Rag on Azazer’s Shortcomings’ Hour.” Glou said, shifting his weight to his other leg somewhat awkwardly. The second man scoffed bitterly.

“Everyone else has seemed to believe it is.” He narrowed his eyes dangerously, his body rigid and tense. Glou took a small step forward.

“Why don’t you ever stand up for yourself?” The warrior questioned honestly. There was a pause, a silence that hung in the air until Azazer breathed an intensely heavy sigh.

“When you have been raised to believe that there is nothing there worth standing up for, it’s hard to break the habit.” And then, a silence that made the first seem like a cacophony; neither of them now dared to even breathe. The security guard bit his lip, arms folded and eyes downcast. Glou was deep in contemplation, his eyes never leaving Azazer’s face. He cleared his throat, but still his voice sounded with a light huskiness.

“I'd just like to say in advance that I'm only about to do this small thing because I feel very sorry for you.”

“Well… All right.” Azazer responded, expecting - and somewhat even hoping for - some kind of lethal blow not unlike one dealt to a sickly animal to end its suffering.

But such a blow never came.

Instead, he felt a pair of warm, sturdy arms wrap themselves around his torso. Azazer stifled a small gasp of surprise, uttering Glou’s name only because no other words would come to him. After a moment, he returned the embrace and the two simply stood in one another’s arms.

“Thank you,” The security guard whispered finally. “And thank you for taking the time to see me as well.”

“You’re welcome.” Glou returned. “I feel for you, is all. If you ever happen to need another platonic hug, you know who to come to.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” Azazer couldn’t help but smile into the other man’s shoulder. “That means a lot to me.”

“I'd offer a kiss, too, but I don't think you'd appreciate the gesture.”

“Well…” Azazer mused. “It isn’t that I wouldn’t appreciate it, but I don’t think it would be appropriate. Especially at this moment.”

“That’s certainly an interesting way of phrasing it.” The warrior said, his voice equally inquisitive. Azazer lifted his head and came face to face with the other man.

“Oh, I mean, if you’re kind enough to do something like that for me, it wouldn’t be fair for me to turn it away…”

“Azazer, hypothetically, if I just went and kissed you, then it wouldn't be that big a deal, right?” Glou raised an eyebrow slightly, asking the question to himself as much as the 4D being in front of him.

“I wouldn’t say so, no.” He replied with a subtle shrug.



Inevitably, Glou stopped talking and leaned in expertly to place a kiss on Azazer’s lips. The younger man, slightly unsure of what to do, kissed back lightly. Both of them knew this wasn’t going to end as a simple peck but neither of them broke away. Arms started moving, pulling closer and hands stroked skin, hair and clothing. A soft purr emanated from Azazer’s throat, and Glou had to turn to take a breath. They shared a coy smile.

“I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t be thinking that way.” Glou spoke, his head resting against his companion’s.

“You don’t owe me an apology. But… We’ll keep this between the two of us, all right?” Azazer asked, voice bordering on pleading. Glou chuckled.

“One more for the road?”

“Well, then you put it that way…”

“You know I wouldn’t tell a soul.” The taller man leaned in closer, an edge of playfulness in his voice.

“Good.” Azazer confirmed, taking the initiative and claiming Glou’s lips with his own. Both individuals moved closer to one another again, attempting to reduce any space between the two bodies. Suddenly, Glou’s lips slid downward, feathering kisses along Azazer’s neck. He teased the pale skin with a few daring nips, but Azazer touched his cheek in warning.


“Be careful how hard you bite, Glou. I’d have a hell of a time trying to explain a mark from you.” His half-lidded eyes met those glittering below.

“Say you’ve found a secret companion.” He smirked, unfazed and continuing the tantalizing nibbles. The security guard made a noise in sheer amusement.

“There’s no such thing as a secret on the Diplo.”

Glou kissed delicately at Azazer’s collarbone, his voice light. “They can’t get worked up about something they don’t know about…”

“That’s true.” Deft fingers worked their way through thick, dark hair. The warrior stopped his kisses abruptly, all of a sudden occupied by thought.

“How far do you think we could go?”

“For right now, I think this is as far as we should attempt.” The younger individual continued caressing the other’s deep-hued tresses, and there was temporary silence.

“… Yes.” Glou said reluctantly. They pressed together for one more kiss, and slowly slid out of the embrace and headed in their own directions.
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