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all that I know is I'm breathing

I wrote poetry. :B

Title: don't
From: Neko

don't go, don't die
don't let us see.
just say that you'll be there
be there.
tell me.
they said
what they said.
don't listen to what they said.
it isn't true don't listen to their lies
don't let them see that you believe.
you never believed, you stopped believing.
it was a long time ago you stopped believing
and everything was alright.
no matter who you are
you'll always be there.
you'll always be there and you'll always be gone.

Title: I know I'm sorry that I'm gone
From: Lias

I know I'm sorry that I'm gone
it isn't hard to believe or to feel
I tend to wonder where you are
or what you're doing
and are you ok.
I really hope that you're ok.
If you can reach me, reach me
and take what you need.

Title: I wonder sometimes if I've lead you on.
From: Lias

I wonder sometimes if I've lead you on.
I know how I feel and it has never changed
even when you turned away
(and I don't blame you
if I were you, I would have too).
But I can't change.
I am the same
as I've always been
carrying along the same things
as I always have.
I want you to know
there are some things you can't let go.
I can't let go of you
I can't let go of them
I can never be yours
(do you tell a person the truth because you love them?).

Title: You are The Beast.
From: Lias

You are the Beast.
The Monster.
with sharp teeth
and sharp claws
and sharp eyes.
you always see.
you saw everything.
you saw inside of me
and tore everything out
(they did it all for love
they did it all for love
for the sake of love
and love, and love, and love).
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