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Characters: Riley and Roark, though it's easily improvised
+Pairing+ implied RileyxRoark
Rating: G
Word count/Style: 156
Note: teenage angst

They were lying side by side, close together on the tiny twin-sized mattress. Their faces were close together, hands intertwined on the pillow in between.

“Why do you have to go?” One whispers, too afraid of the answer.

“I have to. I have nothing here.” The other replies, too afraid of the reaction.

“But I’m here.”

The bitter silence set in as they were lying side by side. One reaches for the other to feel the warmth of the other one last time. Both begin to cry silently, bitterly.

A breeze blows through the window, carrying the sound of everyday with it. The barking dogs, the playing children, and the chattering workers who were coming back home all meant nothing to them. Only the loud tolling of the ferry bell sounds above all, a cruel reminder of separation.

“Don’t go… Please don’t go… I’m here… I’m here…”

They were lying side by side, one last time, together.
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