Malik-Thing (stellennium) wrote in thirtysixth,

Characters: Riley and Roark
+Pairing+ RileyxRoark
Rating: G
Word count/Style: 241
Note: Break up :[

“This is it, I guess.”


The redhead stares at Riley pleadingly.

“I… I just can’t stay here. Dad found out… About…”

“About us? So then you’re just leaving me with him?”

Roark was silent for a while. “No… He likes you… He already put all the blame on me… That’s why I can’t stay. Riley… If anyone else finds out—“

“Let them find out! I don’t care. I don’t care…”

“Riley, listen to me! You have a reputation here… You can’t… You can’t just throw it away for me! You just can’t…”

The two were silent for a while.

“Then where are you going?”

“I’m… I’m going to Oreburgh. They have mines over there and the fossil research center. I… I can find work there.”

“…I’ll write… I’ll call.”

“Don’t!” The sudden action surprised Riley. “Don’t… Don’t you dare call me, don’t you dare write to me… It’ll hurt if you do… I’ll never forgive you if you do…” Roark turned around, hands gripping his bags tightly. “Good bye Riley. Good bye…”

The loud horn sounded; it was time to go. But before Roark could move began to turn away, Riley suddenly grabbed him, pulling him into a last, bitter kiss. As they parted, he quietly whispered, “…Good bye…” Crushed, Roark stumbled into the ferry, too afraid to look at Riley’s face. The loud horn sounded again as the boat slowly left the port, leaving Riley to wallow in sadness.
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