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Title :: The Mines
Characters :: Riley/Roark, probably teenagers
Wordcount :: ~407
Notes :: It's prolly full of errors (and lacking in real plot) because I was writing it on the run and typed it up late, late at night, so. :B

Roark smiled, pushing his glasses up farther onto his nose. Riley stared back incredulously, never having seen such a sly look before. The dark-haired individual was still unsure of why his companion had dragged him down into the hot, dusty depths of the Oreburgh mines - but he wasn't about to ask. Roark was way to cute with that look on his face.

"So! What do you think?" Roark asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Think of what, exactly?" Riley responded, blinking down at cinnabar colored rubble, bits of gem fragments and black electrical wiring. Nothing worth noting, really.

"Look." The redhead pointed a finger at a rather strange rock lying near the wall. "I unearthed that myself."

"Oh... Wow, Roark, that's... Wonderful." Riley tried his hardest to disguise the fact that he was somewhat lost, but had a feeling it wasn't working that well. Roark sighed and gave his companion a gentle slap on the shoulder.

"Honestly. I swear I'm going to take you to my Secret Base one of these days and just take an afternoon to teach you all about the mines." He put his hands on his hips, but his eyes gleamed. "I found a Skull Fossil."

"Did you?" Suddenly, a proverbial light bulb went off in Riley's mind. Fossils obviously meant ancient Pokemon, and a shape like that could only mean...

"I'm going to have a Cranidos~!" Roark, all hints of irritation lost, flung his arms around Riley's waist and nuzzled against his cheek. He was excited at the prospect of a new Pokemon, and hardly hid it.

"Congratulations." Riley returned the embrace, a warmth spreading across his cheeks. Wordlessly, he reached up and removed the hardhat from Roark's head. He smoothed out the rusty colored hair, quickly realizing how soft it felt.

"Riley..." The shorter man murmured, but the other stayed silent; observing the thin sheen of sweat that began beading on Roark's skin from the sweltering conditions of the underground mine. Riley's body lurched forward abruptly, pinning the smaller form between himself and the firm, rocky wall. "What's come over you?"

"Roark." Came the only answer. Genuinely concerned, the redhead reached up to press his palm against Riley's forehead. That's when he felt his ear being playfully nibbled on. "Where were you saying your Secret Base was, exactly?"

"It isn't too far off." Roark could hardly hold back a shiver. "Do you want me to take you there?"

"No," Riley responded mischievously, kissing Roark's lips. "I think I'm going to take you."
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