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Characters :: Django and Roxas !!
Pairing ? :: It's Roxas/Django if you tilt your head. ;3
Wordcount :: ~275
Rating :: G for fluff and ice cream.
Notes :: iiiiiidk. I blame Django for being to utterly adorable. ♥

Roxas couldn't remember the last time he laughed so much. He also couldn't remember how long he had been away from home; it probably had been at least three nights since Django invited him over after dinner, but whether that was still an accurate estimate or not was beyond his knowledge.

The two of them sat curled up in the corner of Django's bed; snuggled within a myriad blankets while the TV flashed brightly colored images that neither was paying much attention to. The pair was much more concerned with talking nonstop about every conceivable topic, like the way the moonlight shone through the blinds and, perhaps most importantly, the bowls of ice cream in their laps.

"Wait, hold still. There's something on your cheek." Roxas reached forward, steadying Django's face and taking a closer look. "I think it's chocolate."

"There is? Where?" The other boy moved instinctively to rub the smudge off his face, but Roxas grabbed his hand.

"Right here." With one swift motion, the Nobody leaned in and expertly kissed the corner of Django's lips, ridding his skin of the sweet substance as he did so. The hand that Roxas was holding captive suddenly squeezed back, and the taller boy couldn't help but smile. He moved back and effectively rubbed the spot to be absolutely sure it was chocolate-free.

"Roxas..!" Django spoke as he stared, cheeks tinged, at his companion. Said companion simply chuckled and resumed scraping the sides of his dish with his spoon. Django laughed too, genuinely, and relaxed against Roxas's shoulder. "Thanks."

"Anytime." Roxas replied, making Django wonder (if only briefly) what exactly he meant by that.
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