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Title: (Orchids) Affection
Subject: Silabus\Haseo
Rating: G
Warnings: Very short and somewhat bittersweet
Notes: Written because I really need to do some of mayxchan's prompts. Count her as my inspiration. And you said it wouldn't inspire me. ♥

The orchid is a flower that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, and thoughtfulness. A pink orchid conveys pure affection.

Also: Yuuichi Morino is Silabus's real name.
Summary: "He smiles carelessly at his friend before turning back to the myriad of flowers."

“These are pretty.” He says, brushing his fingers carefully over perfect petals. The area is filled with flowers, and even though this isn’t an unusual thing, as many of the artificially generated areas are filled with flowers of different genus and species, he’s never seen this type in The Word, or such a great number in one place.

“Yeah, I guess.” Responds his companion. He (the rogue) is not easily raptured by the beauty of such things, especially inside of a game, but he has at least a sense of respect for the sheer number of the rare flora. He wonders idly if this is an event area, but doesn’t voice it.

The green-clothed male laughs airily in response, scratching at the back of his head as he stands up again. He smiles carelessly at his friend before turning back to the myriad of flowers. “I really do wonder, though,” He pauses a moment to kneel down again, expecting another specimen “if this area is special or glitched somehow...” Haseo does nothing more than to shrug in response. It doesn’t exceptionally concern him what the deal is with this certain singular area, even if it does provide a distraction. In reality, Silabus (and Gaspard, too) is distraction enough from his usual trials and tribulations. He doesn’t really need anything else.

Haseo continues watching as the brandier wanders off a little further, inspecting the flora as he passes them. They’re all very pale in color, and seem almost to glow in the evening light of this particular sunset area, but he’s still not sure what’s so interesting about them. He’ll have to question Silabus on that notable facet later. He also doesn’t know what kind they are, and in the genial spirit of starting conversation, he asks.

“Oh, these are Orchids.” The swordsman replies just a bit too off-handedly. The rogue saunters over, milling about as his friend bends down again to inspect yet another one of the delicate flowers. He skims his glove-clad fingers over the stem of one of the little plants, this one owning a number of fragile pink petals. He presses his thumb and forefinger to a low point on the green stem, contemplating for a moment that he might break it and give the delicate little herbage to the rogue, before thinking better of it and pulling his hand away.

He stands up and offers Haseo another graceful smile. “It’s getting pretty late. I should probably be getting to bed.”

“Yeah, me too.” He agrees.

They make their way to the warp point, Silabus casting an almost unnoticeable grin-less glance back to the particular area and it’s fields of flowers, before they both log out and off.

Laying in his bed, on the verge of sleep, Yuuichi entertains the thought of buying a bouquet.
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